Temporary workers

Are you looking for temporary workers that can absorb your peak hours? Do you not want to compromise on quality? Do you not have space for permanent contracts, but do you have place for temporary and zero-hour contracts? Then temporary workers are suitable for you! Thanks to our recruitment and selection methods you are assured of the best employees.


Project workers

For some projects, you prefer to have someone with expert knowledge who will sit in your company for a longer period of time. We call this secondment. Here you enter into a longer commitment, but you are assured of one person working for you throughout the project. We are happy to inform you about the options.


Project workers

Do you need a top performer for a longer period or long-term project? Are you not afraid to take on a little more commitment? Then secondment is a fantastic option. Here too we are happy to use our recruitment and selection methods for you. We will gladly inform you about all the options.


Reduce concern

If you don’t get around to recruiting, you can outsource it to us. Here we recruit at home and abroad, depending on your needs. Ask for a free consultation to find out what the options are!


What are our customers saying?

Theuws Polyester

We have been working with Polflex b.v. since October 2020. Currently we have 2 employees working in the Polyester industry from We Flex It with experience we asked for. Until now we are satisfied with the cooperation with We Flex It. There is good communication and agreements are met. We hope for a long-term cooperation.


All praise for the good cooperation and guidance of our forces. If we had questions, we received a prompt response.
Especially a clear point of contact is experienced as pleasant.


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