About Us

‘The only way to do great work, is to love what you do’

We specialize in mediating technical functions in metal processing companies.

You can contact us for temporary employment, secondment and recruitment & selection.

Pol Flex BV distinguishes itself through a personal approach. Always be honest and sincere, stick to the agreements. With this foundation, the foundation can be laid for long-term cooperation.
This means that we pay a lot of attention to recruiting, selecting and testing our candidates.
Pol Flex BV cooperates with ATK Lasopleidingen & Advies to test candidates and / or provide relevant certifications.

Terms and conditions Polflex BV

So, if you are looking for a job or you are an employer, Pol Flex BV is there for your recruitment and selection

Rene van der Pol
T: +31 610722185
E: administratie@polflexbv.nl

Mirjam van der Pol-Scheffer
T: +31 621476810
E: mirjam@polflexbv.nl

Marije ter Haar
T: +31 629351588
E: marije@polflexbv.nl

Natalia Jazienicka
T: +31 621113437
M: natalia@polflexbv.nl