Meet the team behind POL FLEX

Welcome to the cheerful Pol Flex team. We get up every day to work for you with passion. We think it is important that everyone feels welcome with us, which background you have cause every person counts. We just check what someone can do, instead of someone’s papers. We believe that honesty and sincerity are important, and we always  stick to the agreements that have been made.


We strive to give you the best work experience. We also want to provide employers with the best people. We do this by discussing wishes and expectations in advance.

Personal touch

During a personal interview with our intercedent, we look at your strengths. Here we look for the best possible match for you.

Reduce concern

We understand that you are already busy enough with your daily activities. Let us take the hassle out of your hands, and take the recruitment and selection process off your hands.



Rene van der Pol

I am René, born and raised in Leeuwarden. Mirjam and I started Pol Flex two years ago. Looking at what we have achieved, we are very proud of what we have achieved. Act normally, keep your promises, and be honest, open and sincere. Those are the most important things for us.

We get a lot of satisfaction from the great contacts with our clients and employees. Our personal approach and that little bit extra is normal for us. From January 1, 2021, our team will focus even more on the social aspect. We think and believe that everyone has the right to have a nice job, and will therefore use Pol Flex to find a nice and suitable job for everyone.

The door of our office is open to everyone, so if we can do something for you, you can always come by for an interview!

Mirjam van der Pol – Scheffer

More than two years ago, together with René, we took the step to start up our own company. We have turned Pol Flex into a great company with a very strong team of which we are extremely proud. Now is the time to take new steps and expand our services even further. In recent years, we have mainly focused on temporary workers / detacheren / recruitment by selecting labor migrants. We have been able to build up a wonderful customer base which we have provided with golden hands.

“Believe you can & you’re halfway there”

Anna Aleksandra Kopacka

Hi, I’m Ania, I started my professional career right after graduation as a recruiter / consultant in a relocation company in Krakow.

In 2019 I decided to move to the Netherlands and start a new phase in my life here. I wanted to continue to develop in the recruitment industry, so immediately after my arrival I started working in a temporary employment agency in the Flevoland region. In September 2022, I was employed at Polflex. My duties include recruiting new employees, contacting the client, solving current problems and ensuring that the entire period of your work at Polflex is a good experience for you.I am at your disposal every day in our office in Leeuwarden.

Gretienne Struikmans






Bernadetta Marc

My name is Bernadetta Marc.

I started my career in the Netherlands as a production worker. But I wanted to develop myself further.

Working at Pol Flex is a new challenge for me and offers me new opportunities. I am currently working as a recruiter at Pol Flex for almost six months. I am responsible for customer contact and administrative work.

I am available for you every at our office in Leeuwarden.


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