A construction bench worker (also known as a construction worker) is a technician engaged in the manufacture and assembly of metal structures. This may concern complete constructions, but also construction parts. Many construction bench workers can also be (partly) used as a welder, mainly in the field of arc welding. Other machining techniques are also among the skills of most construction bench workers (think machining, sawing, cutting, typesetting, etc.).

What does a construction worker do?

As a construction bench worker you manufacture and assemble various metal structures. You will use various editing techniques, including:

  • Drilling
  • Sides
  • Welding (especially MIG, MAG and TIG welding)
  • Cutting
  • Machining

In general, a construction bench worker has the following tasks:

  •  Manufacture of (parts of) metal constructions on the basis of work orders and manufacturing drawings, both in the factory and on location at clients
  • Performing deforming, joining and separating operations using various tools and machines, for example sawing machines, press brakes, welding machines and punching machines
  • Finishing metal constructions mechanically (grinding, brushing or sanding) or chemically (pickling, passivation, degreasing)
  • Carrying out repair, assembly or overhaul work
  • Carrying out quality checks of own work and work of colleagues
  • Signaling, reporting and / or remedying deviations in the machining process
  • Operating forklift trucks, hall cranes and other transport and lifting equipment
  • Filling out timesheets and other forms
  • Transferring work to welders or other specialists
  • Monitoring safety in the workplace (both your own safety and that of colleagues)


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